31 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 31 '02

I forgot to mention why I wasn’t working today. Well, I was fired.
NOT! Actually all the schools in the city are having this jogathon thingy, so (thank god) I’m excused from work for the day. Yippeee!

Anyway am currently working to expand my website. Might move it to www.geocites.com/zanglang later. Meanwhile stay tuned!

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31 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 31 '02

Didn’t update my blog last night coz I was doing some seriously heavy reading on Stephen King’s “Stand“. Perhaps I have a few nuts loose up there in my think-box… who else would be crazy enough to read non-stop from 8pm to 1am in the morning, only pausing a while to take a bath, have a drink and take a leak? Gosh… 300+ pages within 5 hours. If you ask me, that’s considerably slow for a speed-reader like me.

Am going to take 2nd driving lesson today either in the morning or early afternoon. Wish me luck.

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29 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jan 29 '02

Just read a book that says, some guy called Robert. G. Allen. wrote in his book “The Long and Short of It”, that “For insects, the tempo of life, not the passage of time, determines how long they live.” It means that, for bugs, the slower their tempo (speed or 'rentakan’) in the ways of living the longer they will live.Lazy bugs who hardly move around live longer than bees, who spend all day collecting honey and stuff…. Get it? If you put a roach in a large cage, it’ll run around looking for out non-stop, and so probably can last 15 days. Put it in a 30cmx30cm space maybe a month. Put it in a 2cmX2cm confinement and stuff 'em in the freezer and it’ll last 3 months. Interesting stuff. I wonder if it applies to humans… Maybe if I take life easily and lazily I’ll live 130! :)

Am feeling a bit sick recently for no apparent reason at all. Slight dizzy spells, headache, tiredness and fast heartbeat. Maybe it’s the stress. Anyway am looking forward to the vacation trip to Desaru a bit later next month.

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28 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 28 '02

Horoscope reading says that Lady luck will be turning her back on me. Well¡­ I¡¯m not exactly superstitious, but yup, early around 10am in the morning, yours truly, who has a PhD in the Arts of Butterfingerism, for some kind of a stupid reason accidentally did broke a crystal glass mug. Good thing nobody said anything about predicting how many years of bad luck you would get if you broke glassware, because there must be at least hundreds of glass fragments after the ugly incident. Just imagine having bad luck throughout your life till Kingdom Come or whatever! Ouch.

Today had driving lessons, and in fact drove a car for the very first time of my life. Steering was not a problem, but being a son whose parents drove automatic-gear vehicles, I have no idea how to operate a gear clutch untill 3pm today. And yet am still having problems about the timing to release and step on the gear, so every time I had to use the gear clutch, 60% chance I¡¯d get it wrong and mess it all up and just stall the goddamn car engine. Ah heck. My driving instructor probably had one of his toughest rides of his life driving with me today. Hmmmph.

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27 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 27 '02

Hmm… very bright full moon outside. You know, it was said that on days with full moons, men tend to get lovesick. Well… believe it or not, up to ya.

I always thought that my chinese name is for one thing definitely a weird one. It¡¯s hard to pronounce (a bit of a tongue-twister), and even if someone attempts to do it, will by no doubt get it wrong, or even at least, sound wrong (Most people tend to get the ¡®hanyu pinyin¡¯ sounds wrong). From ¡°Zee Wei¡± to ¡°Ze Wee¡± (to be pronounced with a certain French accent and air), ¡°Zhe Weh¡± to ¡°Chee Wei¡±, I can probably even proudly declare that, yup, I¡¯ve seen it all. (In fact, that was why I¡¯ve decided to resort to an English name ¡°Jerry¡± to avoid confusion among other English-speaking friends I might get to befriend later along the path of life) Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise when I¡¯ve finally found out that there are other sufferers else than yours truly. It was about, umm¡­ one or two weeks ago around 12am to 1am, when before going for my much-deserved snooze I decided to check out what¡¯s on TV. On Singapore¡¯s Channel 8 was a gameshow ¡°Fei Chang Nan Nu¡± (roughly translated as ¡°Extreme Men & Women¡±¡­ whatever), and god, I could hardly express my feelings when one of the contestants had the same chinese name as I do! Ok¡­ so maybe I¡¯m overreacting but darn, it really feels so familiar, yet so unfamiliarly weird, when your name is broadcasted over TV and viewed by millions of humans all over the world. Gee¡­ it¡¯s one heck of a sensation that words cannot express even!

Had one of those ¡°eureka¡± moments today this morning when I was reading those ads that sell operator logos, ringtones, and screensavers for handphones. Being a guy who seldoms let a chance pass by without giving a second thought, a lightbulb literally lit up within my head! Why don¡¯t I start one of these businesses? I mean, it¡¯s easy, it¡¯s profitable, and it¡¯s popular! Hmm¡­ am seriously considering doing it¡­ however am pondering over the various ways to actually start doing it. Credit card? Cash? Toll numbers? On second thought it could be seriously tricky¡­.

Sigh¡­ am under considerable amounts of stress recently. Am unable to make a choice about where to pursue my studies after I¡¯ve got my government examination results. Though currently I have settled down to apply for an entry into MMU I still can¡¯t exactly decide. The choices are just so vast and limitless: Taylor¡¯s, HELP, Sunway, INTI, UTM (Yup¡­ at least it¡¯s cheap. And my father promises me a car if I decide to enroll there. Wow), Stanford, KBU or KDU (I still dunno the difference), U.Telekom, MMU, Poli¡­ then there¡¯s the ADP (American), Cambridge A¡¯s, SAMs¡­¡­¡­ Argh.

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