10 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 10 '02

I thereby declare today as “What The Heck Is All This Hype About“ day. Just bought a computer mag today and innit was this Spiderman movie calendar. You know, that one that’s going to premiere by May this year. And on it’s cover was Spiderman with, for God’s sake, the ugliest looking costume i’ve ever seen. I mean, heck, 3D cables woven all over the skintight suit? What the heck were the producers thinking??

Also managed to get hold for the first time a McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry! And it was… confusion at first bite. For god’s sake, Oliver, what in the name of heck gave you such a idea that such a ridiculous product can be heavenly? Sheesh, i mean, ain’t it just sickeningly-sweet vanilla flavoured ice cream with cookie crumbs in it? Nothing really special about it, that’s what i say.

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