13 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 13 '02

Attended one of those road safety courses today. And damned is it boring. If it wasn¡¦t compulsory for those who wanted to apply for a driving licence I wouldn¡¦t even bother paying 80 bucks for it. (And for God¡¦s sake, ain¡¦t it expensive!) Just imagine 50-something bored tired teenagers staring absent-mindedly at a boring rambling lecturer who keeps cracking boring jokes and eventually tries to cram everything about road safety into our minds. Sheesh. But on second thought, it¡¦s one step closer to getting my gruby paws on a brand new driving licence, which entitles me to drive my dad¡¦s car, wherever I want! Now that¡¦s kewl!

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