15 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jan 15 '02

Strangely events that happened today seemed to revolved around one issue: mobile phones. On the way to work I had an inspirational chat with a friend about the history of these walkie-talkies. Darn, I didn¡¯t know a coupla years ago Nokia phones were actually a few feet long and banana-shaped! Later got fed up trying to use the multiplayer option via infrared as I tried to challenge my collegue to a game of Snake. Darned fingers keep slipping and blocking the infrared port of my phone. I wonder why the technicians back in Nokia didn¡¯t think of placing the port at the head of the phone? Sheesh. Then later in the afternoon I found out that thanks to a recent promotion by my service provider I was actually given 88 dollars worth of airtime free! Wooo! Also bought some accessories for my precious Nokia. Nice, really.

Darn. The wound on my lip won¡¯t heal and it sure hurts. Also realized I¡¯m having a serious case of black and puffy eyes¡­ In fact I look ghastly with them. Double Darn.

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