16 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jan 16 '02

Again today had an inspirational talk with a collegue who is 10 years older than I am (though one would wonder how Zen-ish such a chat could be). Realised that life is so darned short and shouldn¡¯t really waste too much time. Am going to remind self to enjoy life even fuller and spend money on posh unnecessary stuff whenever possible. Which is also why I¡¯m going for a much-deserved vacation at Genting Highlands for 3 days to give my stretched-to-the-edge nerves a much deserved break. Heck, seeing, smelling, touching and even dealing books for at least 6 hours a day would¡¯ve droven a sane human insane! Hmm¡­ unless I can find a decent cybercafe up there I believe I won¡¯t be able to update my blog for some time. Ahh well, what the heck.

Anyway am currently in super-good mood today! So far since I¡¯ve been working at a school in Taman University I believe I¡¯m causing a certain commotion among the ladies in that area. Hmm¡­ :)
Later in the afternoon while moving about a huge pile of books, a really cute girl friend (A friend of the fairer gender, mind you) commented ¡°How strong!¡± (Ahem¡­ please do not conjure up indecent thoughts in your mind, for I find that rather humiliating) while gazing at me in awe. smirk Heck¡­ If I had a weaker heart I¡¯d probably die of an overdose of adrenaline straight away! (I mean, heck, which guy at the age of 18 wouldn¡¯t?) Yep, that really made my day! So I still am quite macho AND attractive after all. :)

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