20 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 20 '02

Gaaah! Am nearly bankrupt already after the vacation on the Genting Highlands! In fact spent $250 bucks, which is about all of my cash reserves, there. Gotta keep an eye on my wallet for, uh, 11 days or something untill I get my pay.

But anyway what the heck, it was really quite fun. I finally get to try out rollercoasters for the first time of my life, and darned was it scary! Spent too much money myself on the arcade games there, which I in fact wasn’t very good in and Game-Overed in a coupla minutes. However also tried out bowling for the first time, and after a few games, really got the hang of it and have become an expert! Bwahahaha…..

I guess my luck was really running bad last week. Eventually was forgetful enough to leave my camera on top of an arcade game machine and totally forgot about it for about 10 minutes. Needless to say, it was never found. Sigh…...(Worth $200++, damnit!!!!!)

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