21 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 21 '02

I don¡¯t know if anyone of my friends think of me as a family guy or anything, like, I really go well with my family and stuff like that, but here¡¯s the cold hard truth: I don¡¯t. My brother is an arrogant selfish spoilt prick who never learns from past mistakes, has no respect for others, and keep criticises people around him as if he¡¯s fit enough to do it. My mom¡¯s fine, though she¡¯s quite a bit of a nagger and strictly believes that the only correct way to do stuff is her way. Oh¡­ I do get along (and love, ok) my father though. I mean, hey, who else would understand a teenager other than another guy who has gone through it all? Yep.

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