24 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 24 '02

Sorry i didn’t post my blog yesterday. Was having a bad mood (don’t bother to ask me why) and thus didn’t bother to go online.
Anyway yesterday the wierdest things happened. Check out the following conversation I had with an Indian customer (male) yesterday around 3.00pm.
“Here’s your things. Thank you.”
“Oh… thank you handsome boy.”
“Uh.. ok, thanks.” (Getting really nervous)
“Really… you’re very handsome.”
“Er.. um…” (Sweating heavily)
“Right handsome?”
AWW MAH GAWD! You’re kidding me, man! Me??? I’m going to shoot myself with a shotgun!!! Jeezzuusss Christ! I don’t only attract girls but also gays?! Sheesh! What’s wrong with me??!!! Either that or that guy really needs to consider getting himself a decent pair of glasses!!! Damn… good thing nobody else was standing near me, 'cause I’ll damn well bet that they’re going to laugh to death!!!

Oh yeah… and by the way, my bad mood has nothing to do with this… this crazy incident. Please do not think indecent thoughts, or else I swear i’m going to go crazy.

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