25 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Jan 25 '02

Darned rain. Got me fully drenched when, around 2pm in the afternoon as I was going to walk from the post office back to the bookshop where I work, it rained helter-pelter as if some kind of dam up in the heavens had a super-huge leak in it. Attempted to use umbrella, then horrified to find that it seemed to be dysfunctional. Damn. Got wet, technically soaked, nevertheless as I tried to travel the 500 metres of distance. In fact throughout the day I seem to have this weird smell on me. Wonder if the customers noticed¡­. Ah heck.

Watched ¡°Black Hawk Down¡±. And by god, it¡¯s the most disgusting, goriest and bloodiest movie I¡¯ve ever seen! Mangled body parts, with the pinkish soft tendons and blood vessels and strands of wet slick gooey flesh still hanging and dangling from what remains as dark red damp sticky blood oozes from the openings¡­ Jeez, maybe it¡¯s just me, but darn it¡¯s really so realistic it¡¯s damned disgusting. Also it¡¯s really quite unnerving, and also mentally disturbing to see humans being shot like flies. Being a pure pacifist I really can hardly stand watching live breathing individuals, with a conscience and soul of their own, mown down helplessly like grass in front of a lawn-mower. Like weeds to a sickle, like mosquitoes to the human palm, like ants to the huge boot¡­ you know. Not to mention that the movie seems to potray Somalis as very pathetic, stupid and sadistic barbarians who got nothing else on their minds except fighting and yelling warcries like numb-minded idiots. Sheesh. Supremacists. But heck¡­ nevertheless Black Hawk Down is worth a watch. Go check it out.

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