27 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 27 '02

Hmm… very bright full moon outside. You know, it was said that on days with full moons, men tend to get lovesick. Well… believe it or not, up to ya.

I always thought that my chinese name is for one thing definitely a weird one. It¡¯s hard to pronounce (a bit of a tongue-twister), and even if someone attempts to do it, will by no doubt get it wrong, or even at least, sound wrong (Most people tend to get the ¡®hanyu pinyin¡¯ sounds wrong). From ¡°Zee Wei¡± to ¡°Ze Wee¡± (to be pronounced with a certain French accent and air), ¡°Zhe Weh¡± to ¡°Chee Wei¡±, I can probably even proudly declare that, yup, I¡¯ve seen it all. (In fact, that was why I¡¯ve decided to resort to an English name ¡°Jerry¡± to avoid confusion among other English-speaking friends I might get to befriend later along the path of life) Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise when I¡¯ve finally found out that there are other sufferers else than yours truly. It was about, umm¡­ one or two weeks ago around 12am to 1am, when before going for my much-deserved snooze I decided to check out what¡¯s on TV. On Singapore¡¯s Channel 8 was a gameshow ¡°Fei Chang Nan Nu¡± (roughly translated as ¡°Extreme Men & Women¡±¡­ whatever), and god, I could hardly express my feelings when one of the contestants had the same chinese name as I do! Ok¡­ so maybe I¡¯m overreacting but darn, it really feels so familiar, yet so unfamiliarly weird, when your name is broadcasted over TV and viewed by millions of humans all over the world. Gee¡­ it¡¯s one heck of a sensation that words cannot express even!

Had one of those ¡°eureka¡± moments today this morning when I was reading those ads that sell operator logos, ringtones, and screensavers for handphones. Being a guy who seldoms let a chance pass by without giving a second thought, a lightbulb literally lit up within my head! Why don¡¯t I start one of these businesses? I mean, it¡¯s easy, it¡¯s profitable, and it¡¯s popular! Hmm¡­ am seriously considering doing it¡­ however am pondering over the various ways to actually start doing it. Credit card? Cash? Toll numbers? On second thought it could be seriously tricky¡­.

Sigh¡­ am under considerable amounts of stress recently. Am unable to make a choice about where to pursue my studies after I¡¯ve got my government examination results. Though currently I have settled down to apply for an entry into MMU I still can¡¯t exactly decide. The choices are just so vast and limitless: Taylor¡¯s, HELP, Sunway, INTI, UTM (Yup¡­ at least it¡¯s cheap. And my father promises me a car if I decide to enroll there. Wow), Stanford, KBU or KDU (I still dunno the difference), U.Telekom, MMU, Poli¡­ then there¡¯s the ADP (American), Cambridge A¡¯s, SAMs¡­¡­¡­ Argh.

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