28 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 28 '02

Horoscope reading says that Lady luck will be turning her back on me. Well¡­ I¡¯m not exactly superstitious, but yup, early around 10am in the morning, yours truly, who has a PhD in the Arts of Butterfingerism, for some kind of a stupid reason accidentally did broke a crystal glass mug. Good thing nobody said anything about predicting how many years of bad luck you would get if you broke glassware, because there must be at least hundreds of glass fragments after the ugly incident. Just imagine having bad luck throughout your life till Kingdom Come or whatever! Ouch.

Today had driving lessons, and in fact drove a car for the very first time of my life. Steering was not a problem, but being a son whose parents drove automatic-gear vehicles, I have no idea how to operate a gear clutch untill 3pm today. And yet am still having problems about the timing to release and step on the gear, so every time I had to use the gear clutch, 60% chance I¡¯d get it wrong and mess it all up and just stall the goddamn car engine. Ah heck. My driving instructor probably had one of his toughest rides of his life driving with me today. Hmmmph.

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