29 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jan 29 '02

Just read a book that says, some guy called Robert. G. Allen. wrote in his book “The Long and Short of It”, that “For insects, the tempo of life, not the passage of time, determines how long they live.” It means that, for bugs, the slower their tempo (speed or 'rentakan’) in the ways of living the longer they will live.Lazy bugs who hardly move around live longer than bees, who spend all day collecting honey and stuff…. Get it? If you put a roach in a large cage, it’ll run around looking for out non-stop, and so probably can last 15 days. Put it in a 30cmx30cm space maybe a month. Put it in a 2cmX2cm confinement and stuff 'em in the freezer and it’ll last 3 months. Interesting stuff. I wonder if it applies to humans… Maybe if I take life easily and lazily I’ll live 130! :)

Am feeling a bit sick recently for no apparent reason at all. Slight dizzy spells, headache, tiredness and fast heartbeat. Maybe it’s the stress. Anyway am looking forward to the vacation trip to Desaru a bit later next month.

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