08 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jan 08 '02

Ah well… days like this really makes you wonder what the heck life is all about. Things seem to rush by in a blur today like some kind of cyclist you see on the sidewalks. It’s just, “Oh Hi.” then without nothing much of a smirk and a wave, “Bye.” Absolutely boring. Not to mention during this season of the year which the rain almost seems to fall non-stop throughout the afternoon. That sort of enhances the boredom and despairity and also the gloomy mood. On the way to work i remembered this article about a Disney movie in the 80s. First they show you a close-up of a nice tulip, oh-so-beautiful and graceful as it sways and rustles in the wind, untill suddenly the view pans up and zoom out untill you see a wide field full of these flowers. Sorts of gives you a sensory overload. It’s really the same in life… just think about it. Say, you’re in a mall, just you standing in the middle of the basement floor hall. Then look around you. You’ll see dozens and dozens of other Earthling going about their own business, right? See, it’s not just you who exists in this world. To put it in a more pessimistic way, you just one of the 6 billion humans on Earth, so nobody really gives much of a damn to you, whatever you do or happens to you is just YOUR own business, not theirs. They’ve got their own humanly stuff to bother about. Sheesh….the things you can actually think when you’ve got nothing better to do.

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