09 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jan 09 '02

total hours wasted on waiting for people, events, etc. : approx. 38088 seconds

I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted on waiting for people today! If time was money I’d probably be bankrupt! Is quite a good thing though that I’m still young, still got plenty of time, can still afford to use time on needless stuff, blah blah blah? You know, that kind of talk people tell you. Hah. I shall now list the various tasks I’ve been wasting time on now. Firstly, in the morning there was that bus ride to work : 15 minutes. Then I find myself reaching the workplace too early and have to wait for somebody to open the shop. Great, there goes 1 hour. Another 1 hour was used up waiting for somebody to actually give me instructions so I can find something to do. Ok, then there’s 4 work hours, which I considered wasted for I hardly felt like I’m doing anything really important and instead just sort of hung around feeling bored. Then there was the 1 1/2 hours waiting for more instructions again from the admins, and another for completing the task. 1/2 hour taken to walk to the bus station, 1 1/2hours on a bus (which made my backside numb and my legs sore due to the lack of blood circulation), and 1/3 hour waitng for my dad to pick me up (actually I could have taken a bus home, but heck, why waste money when someone else would pay for the petrol and not to mention the effort?). Ah well. Perhaps I really should consider the 1 more hour I spend on using my PC and typing this weblog too. Hmm?

Just checked my mobile phone credit account and realised that I’ve actually used up one third of my prepaid credit within, uh, 9 days, when it was supposed to last 60! Gasp! Horrors! I really need to cut down on SMS-ing friends and making irrelevant calls now, for God’s sake, or else my cash reserves would probably dry up before I got my salary and monthly allowance. Sheesh.

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