16 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jan 16 '02

Again today had an inspirational talk with a collegue who is 10 years older than I am (though one would wonder how Zen-ish such a chat could be). Realised that life is so darned short and shouldn¡¯t really waste too much time. Am going to remind self to enjoy life even fuller and spend money on posh unnecessary stuff whenever possible. Which is also why I¡¯m going for a much-deserved vacation at Genting Highlands for 3 days to give my stretched-to-the-edge nerves a much deserved break. Heck, seeing, smelling, touching and even dealing books for at least 6 hours a day would¡¯ve droven a sane human insane! Hmm¡­ unless I can find a decent cybercafe up there I believe I won¡¯t be able to update my blog for some time. Ahh well, what the heck.

Anyway am currently in super-good mood today! So far since I¡¯ve been working at a school in Taman University I believe I¡¯m causing a certain commotion among the ladies in that area. Hmm¡­ :)
Later in the afternoon while moving about a huge pile of books, a really cute girl friend (A friend of the fairer gender, mind you) commented ¡°How strong!¡± (Ahem¡­ please do not conjure up indecent thoughts in your mind, for I find that rather humiliating) while gazing at me in awe. smirk Heck¡­ If I had a weaker heart I¡¯d probably die of an overdose of adrenaline straight away! (I mean, heck, which guy at the age of 18 wouldn¡¯t?) Yep, that really made my day! So I still am quite macho AND attractive after all. :)

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15 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jan 15 '02

Strangely events that happened today seemed to revolved around one issue: mobile phones. On the way to work I had an inspirational chat with a friend about the history of these walkie-talkies. Darn, I didn¡¯t know a coupla years ago Nokia phones were actually a few feet long and banana-shaped! Later got fed up trying to use the multiplayer option via infrared as I tried to challenge my collegue to a game of Snake. Darned fingers keep slipping and blocking the infrared port of my phone. I wonder why the technicians back in Nokia didn¡¯t think of placing the port at the head of the phone? Sheesh. Then later in the afternoon I found out that thanks to a recent promotion by my service provider I was actually given 88 dollars worth of airtime free! Wooo! Also bought some accessories for my precious Nokia. Nice, really.

Darn. The wound on my lip won¡¯t heal and it sure hurts. Also realized I¡¯m having a serious case of black and puffy eyes¡­ In fact I look ghastly with them. Double Darn.

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14 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 14 '02

Sigh¡­ since one of my friends threw me one of those ¡°Was wondering if you had a girlfriend¡± questions last night on ICQ I believe I¡¯ve been suffering from mental instabilities throughout the day. In fact I actually found myself turning green with pangs of pure jealousy whenever I see couples of lovebirds hold each other hands intimately while I was just wandering around aimlessly in a shopping mall later after work. Argh. (No thanks to you [email protected]~w!tch) Not that I wasn¡¯t attractive, didn¡¯t have any secret admirers or something like that but¡­ It¡¯s really hard and really too embarassing to explain. Aaarrgghhh.

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13 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 13 '02

Attended one of those road safety courses today. And damned is it boring. If it wasn¡¦t compulsory for those who wanted to apply for a driving licence I wouldn¡¦t even bother paying 80 bucks for it. (And for God¡¦s sake, ain¡¦t it expensive!) Just imagine 50-something bored tired teenagers staring absent-mindedly at a boring rambling lecturer who keeps cracking boring jokes and eventually tries to cram everything about road safety into our minds. Sheesh. But on second thought, it¡¦s one step closer to getting my gruby paws on a brand new driving licence, which entitles me to drive my dad¡¦s car, wherever I want! Now that¡¦s kewl!

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12 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Jan 12 '02

Just watched “The Others” featuring Nichole Kidman. And yep, ain’t it a great movie! Great acting, great script, great plot, great twist, not to mention great spooks too! Too bad it wasn’t actually scary enough. The only times that actually jolted me out of my seat was the opening sequence and the ending part. Nice. And for God’s sake, only after 2 hours, you’ll realized,“What the…! I’m misleaded by this movie!” What a superb twist! And yeah, to all those people who haven’t seen the movie, what the heck you’re waiting for? Oh and meanwhile, (Spoiler Alert!) “I see live people…” Go figure yourself :)

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