11 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Oct 11 '02

Was having maths class when The Boring Lecturer was finished throwing simply boring and unchallenging arithmetic exercises at us and was ranting on and on about exams question coming out next week lah, do this do that or marks will be deducted lah, remember these notes lah… et cetera et cetera. Anyway I was sitting at the back of the class, as usual, and having finished my exercises the first in class, as usual, was playing with my calculator, as usual, and glancing through the glass windows of the double-doors of the classroom, as usual, just in case some cute girl would just happen to walk by and stare cutely at me, as usual. And then as well-dress teens shuffle along the corridors pass the classrooms, as usual, suddenly, there was this slightly short-ish, boy-ish, handsome-ish, pale-ish face with the center-parted slightly long-ish hair with a wide cheerful grin… not usual. I squint under the poor light… and stare at him. He stares back. I study his looks… familiar looking…Hmm… He looks up and down, studying me too. Then… 'light bulb’ moment. I grin. He grins back. Laughing to myself, quickly we SMS-ed each others numbers, which apparently have not been used for a long time. After class we only got to chat a bit before he had leave to go back to Subang Jaya… Awww… Too bad. Anyway meeting up with an old friend… really made my day. i>grins

This weekend gotta meet up with someone special... Haven’t really planned about it, but am going to. Haven’t met her for such a loooong time too… Wonder how she looks like now. i>grins again

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