12 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Oct 12 '02

Came back from an 8-hour lepak session about an hour ago… damned tired. ack Anyway wanted to go to a pub for the first time in KL, but am afraid I’ll get drunk (I don’t drink alcohol much… in fact, rarely, so I’m not very sure of how much I can actually drink without losing my edge) and make an embarassment out of myself… grin So just had a quick supper (chicken rice~!! Mmm…) at a local mamak stall while watching the ever-sooo- cute Kirsten Dunst’s “Bring It On“ on the mamak’s tellie… Watched it before last year, and I really loved it~!! In fact am listening to it’s theme song, Lolla’s “Mickey“ right now. Aahh… nothing ever beats a good teen movie. :)

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