13 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Oct 13 '02

Yeeesss!!! Grand finale level of Mafia!! Finally I get to finish this great game once and for all!! Muahahahahaha~ Well… after… what, 1 month? “That’s bloody slow…”A hardcore gamer would probably say, but heck, I was damned busy throughout this month okay? Had to divide my time between frequenting my favourite BBS, listen to music, download stuff and chat with pals on ICQ ya know. So… forgive me! But on second thought… I fear that the coup de grace for Mafia might have to wait when worse comes to worse… since exams are starting tomorrow I’ve really gotta do some serious studying that I’ve been missing out on throughout the sem. Hmm… English tomorrow (half a piece of cake), C++ on Tuesday (No problemo… could’ve scored a distinction blindfolded… grin), Accounting on Wednesday (bloody shit…), and Maths and IT for the last two days… Damn.

“With strong will and belief thou shalt prevail and triumph above all, O young warrior…” I told Ee Yean to wish her luck for her SPM. Well now I needed that myself. Or on second thought… let’s just go with the good ol’ evergreen classic… May The Force be strong with me, young Jedi.

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