14 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Oct 14 '02

Aaaw… finally finished Mafia~ Interesting ending… but can’t bear to part with such a delicious game that’ve been accompanying me throughout countless sleepless nights, with nothing else but a ’30s tune on the radio and the deep seductive growl of my Thor 812 FWD’s engine crooning over the speakers… Aah… am gonna miss the rapid “rat-tat-tat-tataaat-tat“ of my Thompson gun… The ringing “chink-chink“ of hot bullets fresh from the muzzel hitting the concrete pavement as the firepower hits the receiving end… The muffled “thud-thud“ of polished leathered shoes on woodwork… Heck, I’d even miss the annoying police sirens that kept bugging me every now and then throughout the various levels of the game… Aahhh… Arrivederci o il grande gioco per lo mancherĂ²... (A pathetic attempt to show off some Italian… although I don’t even know it i>grinz ala FreeTranslation.com)

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