19 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Oct 19 '02

Have been planning about my next new layout since last week and now, hehe~ it’s time to carry out the plan dude. i>rubs palms with glee In fact I’ve already planned out most of my transitions, how the new layout’d be like and how the designs would be… heh.

Too smoothen everything out and top it up with cream, I’ve even done a bit of cyber-squatting (forgive me…) and booked drkangel.blogspot.com just so i can move in with ease later. Plus, I’ve registered a new account under www1host for a 5mb (if you ask me it’s really too little for me to do anything… ack~) webspace with support for FTP, CGI, PHP, SSI and Perl... Gonna unleash my coding powers abit now, hehe~

At the same time my blog’s got a new URL at www.buggered.tk! Shorter, easier to remember, and fits my title better. i>grin And for free too! Although, well, there’s this little popup lah… sorry maties. Anyway reset your bookmarks, y’all!

Meanwhile, end of design Phase I. Have been gathering required scripts, coding and whatever thingies my new website’d need and reading up on HTML and web designing for some time already. Although I still lack that exclusive intro page graphic... Darn. Perhaps I should do a bit hand-drawing again this time… although I have not the faintest idea how the hell am I going to transfer the image from paper to PC without my scanner being with me rite now. Anyway enter Phase II... Creation! Be patient and gimme something like a month plus… Hopefully I’ll can manage to cram in time between my hectic schedule of assignments and stuff, what with the finals just around the corner…

But still, before anything else, I need some sleep. Nitez, or morning (whatever…) all~ i>yawn

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