21 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Oct 21 '02

Ei? I didn’t know there actually are alteratives to CommunityZero which shutted (past tense of shut is shutted... no? ) its doors to free members sometime like… last month? Anyway, hey, Circles99 looks cool, and with all those cute little cartoon characters scattered around the cutely coloured pages too… Wondered if DigiParadiser refounded SSI Pai Kia Alliance after it ended its short life at CommunityZero. Last time, all us admins were scampering all ove rthe place going through all those pages listed on Googles such as UrbiaClub, which generally sucks, to this Korean page which I can’t remember. Well, anyway haven’t got any invitations so I guess he hasn’t. Guess he’s busy studying his Bio-tech and working part time at the cybercafe in Subang Jaya anyway. Ah well.

What? Me start new one? No way, me not interested in going into limelight. Am backstage technical guy so am contented in just being a high-level administrator for clubs and become evil mastermind which controls all members through forced will and hypnosis… Muahahahahahahahahahahaha… i>cough cough .. Aha. Ahem.

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