21 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Oct 21 '02

IT tutorial classes cancelled… so am now sitting snugly in front of my PC again. Am halfway surfing for my stuff to design my blog. Me Virgo perfectionist, no perfect no good, so must perfect, then good! i>grinz Anyway reading Lionel’s A Guide to The Den for Idiots made me think twice about my web design ideas… Do I really want my visitors to suffer over the World Wide Wait (”www“, geddit? goddit? good. ) just for some visual stuff and a coupla hardly practical little scripts to load? Just so they can get a little adrenaline rush gawking at all the graphics after technically going brain dead for 3 minutes waiting? NOTE: No offense to other bloggers out there, since mine falls into this category too. I know DSL users like me won’t mind, but sometimes… I realised, there’s still 33.6k surfers out there too… (Me rides 33.6k when me live in JB too… me 56k modem kaput already) So, is it worth or not putting all those Flash la, Adobe spiced-up graphics la, Javascript crap la… etc etc into the page? Hmmm…

Anyway damnit~!! How come it’s so bloody hard to find a decent intro graphic for my new layout’s theme? If it was anime or games or just something else I doubted I had to go through all this effort and wasted minutes and online time… Buggered. And no any requests to suck any info out of me about my new layout shall not be entertained… Patience la, brudder. Meanwhile am surfing Anime Wallpapers.com. Wonder if I’ll find anything I want here… Hmmm~

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