25 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Oct 25 '02

“If you have’nt started doing your research paper, I can only tell you this… You’re in deep shit”, said my English lecturer. So… that’s leaves me stranded in a huge steamy bubbling waist-deep pool of animal faeces, with the vapor shimmering on the surface and the occasional undigested blob of food bobbing by? Ugh~ Bleagh~ Yuck. Anyway I think I should be able to come up with the intro page by tonight… as soon as I get used to using Macromedia Studio MX which I downloaded some time ago. Installed it last night but have not bothered to give it a test run yet. Anyway later I’ll throw in the Flashed version of it for you guys to see. Hehe~

By the way methinks me need to ask some web design consultant for advice… Volunteers? Hello…? Anybody? Ack. Maybe I can get some free tips off Celine when I see her on ICQ later tonight. i>grin

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