26 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Oct 26 '02

Argh. Me have bloody headache + running norse + sore throat. Normally when this happens it means one thing. I’ll be bloody down with the flu for the next whole week. Buggered. Only at times like this I’d ever remember to look inside my drawer, hunt for the white little plastic bottle among the piles of various nameless trash and other crap, and pop a few vitamin pills. Ah hell… so much for not following my mom’s advice. i>rolls eyeballs Anyway I’ve finished the flash intro file… but for some kind of reason it justs doesn’t look right… Hmmm~ tasteless? Bland look? Uncreative? Mmm… dunno. So will be withholding the file until I get it right, sorry guys. Sigh~ methinks me just can’t be a designer anymore, me spring of creativeness where sparkling clear waters of pure ideas used to run freely has unfortunately been running dry due to the recent hard-hitting drought. Ack. Me brain babbling incomprehensible nonsense now… %@$p#?

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