27 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Oct 27 '02

Woohoo~ download fest…Me luuuurv me Kazaa!

Been going through some really cool add-ons for my Kazaa Lite... like this Diet Kaza thingy and this interesting cheater program that’ll kick up my participation level to 1000~! Phew~it! i>grin Meanwhile am downloading Reign of Fire, some corny/cool movie bout mythological fire-breathing dragons invading the 21st century. Heard mixed reviews but what the heck~ Methinks me just watch the bloody movie anyway.

Meanwhile am waiting for my applications for some free web space to be processed… What took them so long? i>frown Only then I can upload my Greymatter software to the servers and start working on my new blog…. Damn… i>taps fingers impatiently

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