31 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Oct 31 '02

Argh. Enetation is down when I last read my own blog. Due to “Enetation software is being upgraded“ excuse. Ugh. I always prefered Enetation over all other commenting systems, because it looks cool, loads incredibly fast, and is just so easily customizable. Compared to others, Haloscan is almost always down, Yacss loads bloody slow, and the others just don’t provide enough features that can compete with these. Yes, so the guy over Enetation is asking all users to stop just being users and start helping and supporting the company by donating, but me? Me being an average 18-year old teen who lives off pocket money from my parents, how can I even help? Ah well.

Anyway I still haven’t heard of a thing from those webhosting companies. Either my application is pending or has been rejected. Damned. Hell, I’m actually thinking of acquiring services for paid webhosting services, provided it has support for Perl, CGI, and PHP, with FTP upload and generous webspace and internet bandwidth to boot. For funds, I’d either bug my parents for extra pocket money or just get a part-time job and pay for it myself. Hmph.

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