31 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Oct 31 '02

Great. Now everytime whenever there’s C++ tutorial classes everybody will swarming over to my PC terminal to sneak-peek at my source code and bug me with dozens and dozens of questions.

(”Jerriii…. I can’t get my code riite~!“)

Heck… Even during lecture time they’ll be handing me hand-written pages of code and expect me to point out errors to them first hand while I desperately try to fight off the sleepy bug as the boring lecturer rants on and on about static vars, functions, procedures, of printf()'s and of scanf()'s, blah blah blah… Pretty potent sleep-inducing stuff! Hell, next time I think I should start chargeing them by the line when they ask for my services. 10 cents per line of code, $1 discount off every 5th page…. hehe~ Now’s that’s a good start to becoming a brilliant entrepreneur! i>grin Money money money…

But really! Come to think of it, I really didn’t opt to join the legion of keyboard-toting computer programmers. (”The Dark Side“? hehe~ ) Really. If I had the chance I’d choose Psychology or even Art. Or even go and try my hand at Rocket Science and Chemistry so I can end up making dirty bombs for top-secret goverment military projects. Heh. But thinking about it, I work just soooo parfait with computers… in fact you could even say that I’m just naturally gifted. Learning new things on the PC is just another thing that could’ve been done even blindfolded. To me using computers is just like a natural born ability, I can speak computer language, think computer language, probably even breathe computer language and eat computer language as well… Hah. Hell, at times like this I’d even wonder whether if my forehead got a Intel Pentium Inside sticker on it. (i>checks mirror Oo-er, huge zit. XP)

Hah, by now if you haven’t seen me before you’d think I ooze geekiness so much that I’d either look 100% like Bill Gates or 200% like the average acne-covered geek with horn-rimmed glasses over their noses and straight Bill-Gate-ish hairstyle. Well, I’m not. Heh. If I were a PC I’d look more like an iMac. Sleek, stylish, expensive, and cute-looking, with all the practicality and functionality thrown in to the mix, that’s for sure. Now… does anybody else want my phone number? XD

Oh, and EeYean logged on to ICQ for awhile after disapearing from the Internet for so long. Only chatted a bit and taught her on how to use her Trillian Pro. Oh, if I’m not wrong, I think her major exams start… next week? Well, good luck to her then.
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