04 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Oct 04 '02

Okay… so I take back my words from this Monday’s post... Yahoo Pool is really addictive!! After 88 games, which consists of 48 really good games where I kicked people’s butt and 40 games where I got kicked, hardly, right in the middle of my arse. Ouch. Anyway am gonna work my rating up to 1400++ this weekend… rubs palms with evil glee Anyway finally finished 90% of my IT project about stars and constellations, and am supposed to do a presentation bout all the stuff I’ve crammed in on Monday. Mmm… Make mental note: Gotta polish up my speaking skills too this weekend besides whacking people up with my cue and 8-ball. Hopefully it’ll be impressive 'nuff to score some high maks… i>grin

Did some registry tweaks to ICQ on Wednesday, but i>sigh eventually got everything all **cked up and bloody ICQ just refuses to start up anymore. Damn. So used Trillian, which could actually load all of my Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and ICQ accounts at the same time, with just one program… Cool! Well it can’t really replace ICQ, but at least it’s functional. shrug Might consider formatting my 6-month old notebook and get Windows XP patched up again, if I got more time this weekend.

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