06 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Oct 06 '02

Aah…6am in the morning… Gonna sleep soon. Spent one and a half hours on helping DigiParadiser editing and rewriting his American McGee’s Alice fan fiction short story, titled “Quest For Blood“. Heard of this twisted version of Alice in Wonderland? It’s actually a computer game released some time last year. Click here to check it out. (This game is rated with lots of graphical violence, so its rated Mature. Kids, don’t try this at home.) Anyway phew~ finally got this baby done… In fact I’ve uploaded a copy up to my Yahoo Briefcase. Wanna read it? Click here. Be prepared for a very dark story I tell you… i>evil smirk

Anyway had bad mood. Sigh… Just got too much things on hand. I hate pressure… Anyway felt a bit guilty for getting my moods out of control at my ICQ chat pals earlier last night. Sorry, ee yean, silvakev and louis.

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