04 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Oct 04 '02

Sticky Way To Protect Unreleased Promo Singles – Apparently Epic Records just came up with a new solution to battle piracy, ala low-tech: Glued-up Walkmans. And how bout this one? You’ve heard of playing loud noises to scare animals away (Still remember the one bout playing Britney’s “Hit Me Baby one More Time” to scare off wild boars? hee hee~) but have you heard about blaring music to scare away teenagers? Check it out… :)

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01 Oct '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Oct 01 '02

Release notes: Introduced new title bar!! i>grin And there’s also a new section called 'Crap' which later I’ll try and start to fill in with… well, crap when I’ve really got time. Meanwhile check out the new Gallery! I promised to post up a coupla pics from my webcam last month (or was it even longer ago…?) but well, things like that can wait. Hehe~ By the way don’t expect pictures of my true self yet, coz I’m the mysterious stalker in the night that goes slinking around corridors… i>evil cackle

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