29 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Nov 29 '02

Finals from Saturday till Wednesday… Ugh. Gotta step on it and try and keep up already. Hate studying the inch-thick books… Darn. Ah wellll… still, 2 months holiday afterwards… Yay~ Anyway today went to the college’s Annual Acedemic Awards or something like that to receive my cert for my scholarship. Got some pics taken too. Maybe if you’ve got a sharp eye you’ll notice me in the educational section in the papers this weekend. Hint: Dark blue shirt and black slacks with striped tie. i>grin Try looking for me… Hehe~ Anyway probably won’t be back to blog for a week till after the exams… Meanwhile, books. Books. More books. Darn. Headache.

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25 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Nov 25 '02

PHEW! Finally… after 1 days plus plus of frantic tabletop bashing, loud cursing, and countless frames and keyframes and symbols and actionscripts later, my Macromedia Flash project is finally complete! Muahahaha~ Apparently at least 60% of the time is spent/wasted on an incredibly stupid yet frustrating Flash FX bug that renders the buttons all stubborn, refuses to listen to instructions from the receiving end of the mouse, unclickable and pretty much unfunctionable (Bummer… Someone should sue Macromedia for it), and because of lack of time I didn’t really want to bother too much about aesthetics (Points are given for “technological canggih-ness“ so whaddaheck, just show the darn lecturer something mind-boggling enuff.. i>grin ), thus ending up with several very possibly unappealling sights… Well not too serious, so, as I said, Whaddaheck lah… Hehe. =) Anyway the files’ uploaded to my Yahoo Briefcase, wanna see it? NOTE: Will not be responsible for any feelings of discomfort, nausea, massive heart attack, stroke, cranal and nerve damage which might be caused due to witnessing the extremely crude idiotic content that is projected through the playing of this file. Proceed at your own risk. i>evil grin

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23 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Nov 23 '02

If there’s any issues I have with my DSL service provider TMnet, its the same thing that all Malaysian companies have: They’re all ignorant immature inconsiderate irresponsible irrespectable irritating irr-... (er, any words?) corporate bigwigs attempting to sell outdated under-mantained under-valued service technologies to naive under-informed consumers with outrageous prices and little or no actual marketable value… Its like a goddamned trend already!

Ditto for TMnet StreamyX... Not that I’m not a patriot, I love good ol’ Malaysia as much as any good ol’ law-abiding citizens out there, I’m just as willing to sing out 'Negaraku’ and well, might even “tumpah darah” all over the place for a cause, you know, Holocaust or something… But Jeez!! For God’s sake lah, we fork out the cash from our thinny moolah-deprived wallets and pay you our hard-earned muck and you, you’re supposed to hand us goddamned valued service on a goddamned silver platter, man! It’s all in the goddamned bloody contract! Who the hell would want DSL if 80% of the day the goddamned server’d be whining and choking on its own bandwidth, or to just put it literally, having the goddamned server “down” (Aahh… I loathe even the speak of it), and for the rest of the day, as I used to say, literally “Crawling all over the place”... I mean Whaddaf**k, surfing’s even slower than 56k?! I’ll be damned!!

Buggered… At times I really hate Internet life. Disgust.

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20 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Nov 20 '02

Aahhh, discovery of self… now I know why I can’t write anything decent (read: non-crap) electronically (read: in blog, email, im messages etc) compared to what I always do the good ol’ traditional pen and paper way. Any attempt of writing unfortunately results in, as I said before, “non-sensical half-baked poetry babbling“, meaningless and shallow, tasteless and boring. It might be the problem of the bass thumping in the background (Jeez… who the hell is blaring Paul van Dyke over the woofers?) , the annoying rumbling of the waterpipes above me (god knows what the hell is happening to the water tank up there in the roof… Dark Waters scary Jap movie anybody?) or whatever it may be… I dont know. Maybe for the sake of getting some good writing done I’d have to jot a draft on A4 first. Geez… Now that’s bloody troublesome. =p

Anyway, after 644 days of cold heartless abandonment I have finally got back on to Neopets.com and check out on my 700++ days old Neopet griffin… Wahhh… not dead yet? Still got heartbeat? Cool! i>heartless grin Anyway frequent trips to the Soup Faerie since I’ve got no food but a patethic chocolate Grarrl biscuit (rather save up my neopoints to buy something else more worthwhile… hehe) , several desperate attempts at the Money Tree to loot something for free (although 90% I’d lose out in terms of speed and end up empty handed. i>frown Now my griffin can wear a T-shirt that says “My owner went to the Money Tree and all he got me is this stupid Tiki keychain. Oh and a poisonous snowball too”. Yeah yeah, very rare, so what? I don’t visit the BattleDome what =p ), and a few goes at the featured game and BumperCart… Uh-oh, methinks I’m hooked again. Ah welll…

Oh by the way note: Due to certain wierd and stupid problem the XHTML won’t work properly if you visit the blog through www.buggered.tk, thus you’ll get some kinda error from your browser and the page won’t load. Oh, weeeell, if you can read this you’d probably came in through jerryc.blogspot.com anyway. Duh.

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19 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Nov 19 '02

Geez! Note to self: Next time, NEVER, EVER, EVER execute a program that has a corny filename that applies not to its intended function as advertised on website, read, hacking website. A coupla days ago I downloaded a hack for my FlashCatcher just so the bloody trial version won’t keep popping up a bloody annoying message reminding me for the umpteenth time that the damned thingy shall expire after the n-th time of use. Sod it.

And so the very, very anti-shareware anti-payware anti-non-free-stuff me set out, armed with nothing but my trusty Google search engine, venturing out into the dark realms of hackers, warez and virii, and after a frantic search, downloaded some file uninterestingly named “file.exe”. Suspicious. Me being a security-cautious PC user, the file was passed through stringent scans of PC-cillin, just in case it was some hostile worm ready to trash my Compaq laptop and convert it into a piece of scrap metal.

And so Pc-cillin reassured me that “No file virus detected“, and so I gleefully booted up the program. And waited. And glared when nothing seems to happen. And ran it again. and glowered at my LCD screen, swear words already hanging by the tongue-tip, ever ready to lash out viciously. But the natural peace-loving Virgo in me, well, prevented intended destruction upon the hapless unarmed little files residing in the same folder. And so with a sigh, I got back to Google, got myself a decent and most importantly, functioning lil’ crack, which got rid of the annoying little “Purchase me” pleas that’d keep getting on my nerves once and for all. Good riddance that is.

But, what’s the old saying again… Trouble comes in pairs? Apparently little file.exe did serve a purpose although it didn’t crack anything as I wanted it to… instead unknown to me it sneaked in some kinda “Helper app”, or more referred to discreetly as “spyware” by haters all over the Net. Doesn’t sound serious huh? Now consider this, every time whenever I surf to a non-existant website, instead of the good ol’ No. 404 Page Not Found error IE will be rerouted to some idiotic site that patethically seems to be trying to serve as a search engine ala web portal extra-ordinaire, together with an incredibly idiotic popup that, well, popup’s to remind me with another incredibly idiotic message: “Popups are annoying. Get rid of em!” Hell, I don’t need any reminding! To make things even worse, some programmer with oatmeal and bran for brains left a stupid loop bug in the app’s code that, every now and then IE will suddenly launch itself into an onslaught of non-stopping self-cloned popups, thus effectively crashing down the OS, forcing me to cold reboot the laptop… Geez. Repeat process x N times per day, and voila! Instant formulae for causing nervous breakdowns. Someone should really patent this stuff. i>smirk

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