13 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Nov 13 '02

7.50am : Hmm… Wierd. I’m feeling immensely refreshed even though only sleeping for 4 hours ++ last night after watching Jackie strutting off his kungfu stuff in “The Tuxedo“ on VCD till 2.30 in the wee hours of the night. Must be the hypnotic properties of poor quality silly movies broadcasted over low-res 15” CRT monitors. i>grin
8.00am : Programming class… hum hum…
9.00am : Pan-fried chicken frankfurters and omelette with a nice cuppa for breakfast, Mmm mmm~
10.00am : Shucks. 3 more hours of boring lectures to go. i>sigh
1.30pm : Ooh, apparently some troupe from New Zealand is doing Maori aboriginal dance performances in the college… Stood around for awhile, although watching enormous half-naked men and women (fully equipped with wrap-around garments, of course not half-naked... Hehe~ ) dancing and hollering something that could roughly pass off as a “song” isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Me ain’t art-appreciating guy, y’know. Heh.
1.45pm : Eh-eh! Puhleez don’t rain yet! I’m don’t want to be drenched again like yesterday! Acid rain can be damned harmful to health leh! Gotta quicken my pace….
2.00pm : Oo-er. Stomach growling… Sesame-chicken flavoured instant noodles here I come!
2.10pm : Ah shat. It’s really raining tabbies and mongrels out there. Now my laundry won’t dry anymore. Dagnammit.
2.20pm : Kazaa got new updates to v2.02 available? Cool~! Wonder if the guys at Kazaa Lite managed to keep up or not…
2.30pm : Argh… www.irreality.net is already taken. And I thought I finally thought of a really cool domain name! i>sigh

Anyways I’ve got only 40 hours left to write, compile, edit, print, file and hand up my 1500-word research paper on psychological disorders. And I haven’t even got enough research done, lest start writing… fook. We must hurry comrades, for time awaits not for us… march on to the battlefield in Microsoft Word my brothers! Fight bravely, and we shall prevail! Yaaaaahhhhh…..

P.S Great. Now I have the qualifications to gain entry to the funny house.

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