19 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Nov 19 '02

Haven’t written for awhile… But anyway rewrote everything in the template, it now fits the official Word Wide Web Consortium’s XHTML v1.00 standard! Yay~ (Not that there’s any difference that is noticeable… hehe) Also added is the button that boasts my usage of w.bloggar for posting my journals, together with a nice XHTML approval icon… i>grin (Although there’s this wierd magenta border around the icon… Hmm… problably XHTML problems anyway i>shrug ) Oh yeah, also added a “permalink” link at the footer of every post (See the “(+)”?) , just in case anybody would want to link to my posts. Welllll… emmm, not that anybody would want to anyway, but still, just in case. i>grin

BTW transition to new website will start after my finals, which is, erm, after 2 weeks. Gonna throw in healthy dose of DHTML (Dynamic HTML, in case you wanna know), CSS and XHTML (eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language, again, just in case, heh.), and yeah no flashy Macromedia Flash files to hog the bandwidth, relax~ i>grin ) And at the same time, yeah, I promise to keep the file sizes and download time smaller. i>wink But for the meantime, I’ll keep you people updated.

And keep it coming folks! =)

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