20 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Nov 20 '02

Aahhh, discovery of self… now I know why I can’t write anything decent (read: non-crap) electronically (read: in blog, email, im messages etc) compared to what I always do the good ol’ traditional pen and paper way. Any attempt of writing unfortunately results in, as I said before, “non-sensical half-baked poetry babbling“, meaningless and shallow, tasteless and boring. It might be the problem of the bass thumping in the background (Jeez… who the hell is blaring Paul van Dyke over the woofers?) , the annoying rumbling of the waterpipes above me (god knows what the hell is happening to the water tank up there in the roof… Dark Waters scary Jap movie anybody?) or whatever it may be… I dont know. Maybe for the sake of getting some good writing done I’d have to jot a draft on A4 first. Geez… Now that’s bloody troublesome. =p

Anyway, after 644 days of cold heartless abandonment I have finally got back on to Neopets.com and check out on my 700++ days old Neopet griffin… Wahhh… not dead yet? Still got heartbeat? Cool! i>heartless grin Anyway frequent trips to the Soup Faerie since I’ve got no food but a patethic chocolate Grarrl biscuit (rather save up my neopoints to buy something else more worthwhile… hehe) , several desperate attempts at the Money Tree to loot something for free (although 90% I’d lose out in terms of speed and end up empty handed. i>frown Now my griffin can wear a T-shirt that says “My owner went to the Money Tree and all he got me is this stupid Tiki keychain. Oh and a poisonous snowball too”. Yeah yeah, very rare, so what? I don’t visit the BattleDome what =p ), and a few goes at the featured game and BumperCart… Uh-oh, methinks I’m hooked again. Ah welll…

Oh by the way note: Due to certain wierd and stupid problem the XHTML won’t work properly if you visit the blog through www.buggered.tk, thus you’ll get some kinda error from your browser and the page won’t load. Oh, weeeell, if you can read this you’d probably came in through jerryc.blogspot.com anyway. Duh.

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