23 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Nov 23 '02

If there’s any issues I have with my DSL service provider TMnet, its the same thing that all Malaysian companies have: They’re all ignorant immature inconsiderate irresponsible irrespectable irritating irr-... (er, any words?) corporate bigwigs attempting to sell outdated under-mantained under-valued service technologies to naive under-informed consumers with outrageous prices and little or no actual marketable value… Its like a goddamned trend already!

Ditto for TMnet StreamyX... Not that I’m not a patriot, I love good ol’ Malaysia as much as any good ol’ law-abiding citizens out there, I’m just as willing to sing out 'Negaraku’ and well, might even “tumpah darah” all over the place for a cause, you know, Holocaust or something… But Jeez!! For God’s sake lah, we fork out the cash from our thinny moolah-deprived wallets and pay you our hard-earned muck and you, you’re supposed to hand us goddamned valued service on a goddamned silver platter, man! It’s all in the goddamned bloody contract! Who the hell would want DSL if 80% of the day the goddamned server’d be whining and choking on its own bandwidth, or to just put it literally, having the goddamned server “down” (Aahh… I loathe even the speak of it), and for the rest of the day, as I used to say, literally “Crawling all over the place”... I mean Whaddaf**k, surfing’s even slower than 56k?! I’ll be damned!!

Buggered… At times I really hate Internet life. Disgust.

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