25 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Nov 25 '02

PHEW! Finally… after 1 days plus plus of frantic tabletop bashing, loud cursing, and countless frames and keyframes and symbols and actionscripts later, my Macromedia Flash project is finally complete! Muahahaha~ Apparently at least 60% of the time is spent/wasted on an incredibly stupid yet frustrating Flash FX bug that renders the buttons all stubborn, refuses to listen to instructions from the receiving end of the mouse, unclickable and pretty much unfunctionable (Bummer… Someone should sue Macromedia for it), and because of lack of time I didn’t really want to bother too much about aesthetics (Points are given for “technological canggih-ness“ so whaddaheck, just show the darn lecturer something mind-boggling enuff.. i>grin ), thus ending up with several very possibly unappealling sights… Well not too serious, so, as I said, Whaddaheck lah… Hehe. =) Anyway the files’ uploaded to my Yahoo Briefcase, wanna see it? NOTE: Will not be responsible for any feelings of discomfort, nausea, massive heart attack, stroke, cranal and nerve damage which might be caused due to witnessing the extremely crude idiotic content that is projected through the playing of this file. Proceed at your own risk. i>evil grin

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