03 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Nov 03 '02

Friday: Yay! Took opportunity of the Deepavali holiday on Monday + 2 weekend free days + half free day after class on Friday, bought meself a bus ticket and here I am, back in me good ol’ hometown of Johor Bahru, breathing good ol’ polluted JB-ian air, listening good ol’ JB-ian Mandarin, (instead of Cantonese and Hokkien… Okay so I’m a bloody “banana“, okay?) shopping for good ol’ cheap pirated CD’s with good ol’ JB-ian techno pumping bass from the VCD shops in good ol’ Holiday Plaza, watching good ol’ gorgeous JB-ian chiobu’s in their hot outfits (Pheeew~it! Hehe~) and sipping good ol’ JB-ian kopi tarik, ala mamak style… Ah, 'tis JB-ian life. Me luuuuurve me hometown!! i>grin

Saturday: Just came back from having steamboat with SilvaKev i>smack lips Mmm mmm~ Scrumptious stuff! Helped him with some computer stuff and got him a NedStat account too. And then had to burn him a coupla audio CD’s from my mp3 collections. Geez, next time I’m gonna charge for my services as PC Guru, and I mean it! $$$~ i>grin

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