07 Nov '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Nov 07 '02

Am currently discussing with Eyen on getting our own domain names and personal web hosting… for a price of course. Oh… the thought of departing with my preciouusss preciousss casshhhh…. Ugh. Anyway, www.net-addictz.net or www.ihavenosoul.com anybody? i>grin Hopefully all shall go well, provided that nobody’s smart enough to act before we do and move their bloody buttocks over the domain and “cybersquat” it… Grrrr~ *cracks knuckles

Anyway, me lazy bug been kicking in, so layout ain’t changing anytime soon. Plus, I’ve got more projects looming ahead in the horizons than I could imagine. And its getting even nearer than I can imagine too. Shat.

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