11 Dec '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Dec 11 '02

BTW www.drkangel.net 'd be up soon. No it doesn’t exist yet. Yes its my future blog address. No I’m not joking. Yes I know it sounds corny. No I won’t forgive you. Yes you’d better watch out. No this is not a threat. Yes its pretty legal. No it’s legal so you can’t sue me. Yes I don’t have a lawyer, but I’ll get one. No I don’t need recommendations, my uncle is a lawyer. Yes he is, so is his sons and daughters. No I kid you not. Yes they’re rich. No they’re rich doesn’t mean I’m rich. Yes I have two cars, so? No I don’t own a Ferrarri, for God’s sake… Yes I can drive. No don’t even think about getting me to give you a lift. Yes I’m stingy. No I wasn’t a generous person, never was. Yes so I did treat you rm20 for Pizza Hut. No For God’s Sake I’m NOT filthy rich mind thy words! Yes I…. No…

Geez. I’m freaking myself out.

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