12 Dec '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Dec 12 '02

Wednesday, 9.30am : How does it feel again… the trigger finger poised in a bengkak sort of way above the mouse buttons and almost blank-white WASD+Ctrl keys that have worn out due to extreme frantic depressing with the adrenaline gushing through the bloodstream quick streaks of electriciy zipping through impulses along the hard-wired nerve super-highways dark unlit enclosed space in contrast with dozens of bright glaring monitors broadcasting varying levels of gaming activities loud yet deep-sounding gunfire and chinese pop music (taiwanese pop namely) blaring in the background leaving no space for silence…

Geez. I miss cybercafes. After one year of quitting CounterStrike and generally, cybercafes (You don’t want to know how addicted I was early last year), received invitation from my ex HELL team (currently |v|@+r|x, as founder and leader I couldn’t have possibly came up with something as cryptic as they did, heck, “keep 'em simple“, that’s what people say) clan-mates (consisting of my bro and his perky post-graduated boys, elite players of JB) to “unseal” my mouse (rough chinese translation, ala old-style “chinese kungfu stories” style) and rejoin them. So I did. And played with them together with a few old pals (Yukito and newbie) for a while in Warcraft for starters, the cybercafe all-time favourite “de_dust” for main course, and as Yukito sulkily protested that CS was too boring, so Half-Life “Crossfire” for dessert. Results as follows: KL-ians (people who are studying in KL) versus JB-ians (as mentioned) results in 1-nil as our overwhelming troops of hyppogryph riders, frost wyrms, and using Yukito’s ultimately wierd tactic, hordes of wolf shamans tore through the enemies… eat my Starfall ye vermin!!! Muahahaha~ i>ahem Anyway later in CS, my rusted skills were apparently seriously insufficient to contain the opposing Terrorist rushes, round after round after managing to plant a coupla lead M4A1 rounds into some unfortunate guys another lucky bugger would just manage to pull off a few shots and… another one bites the dust. Me. Darn. Still, not unexpectedly, my frags top the charts in the Counter team… Still, the deaths statistics are discouraging. Some more training to be done. Ah well. Finally, Half-life games… They need no detailed description, 2 words will do: Mindless fraggin’. (“This is MY BOOM-STICK!!!”)

Delicious chicken rice afterwards (Went to that stall near Kerry’s, which was once on Singapore TV8 in one of those cuisine programmes), then accompanied my bro to the Education Fair at the Pan Pacific, afterwards to the ol’ bookshop which I last worked for half a year. And got a 1-month-period job. $550 = enuff food + savings for Nokia 6510. Pretty good. i>grin Too bad though… it seems that my future female working partners this time aren’t as pretty as last year’s. Ah well. Can’t have too high expectations in life eh? Heh.

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