18 Dec '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Dec 18 '02

Went to Pulau Tioman last weekend, god knows what the heck my family were thinking, visiting a scrawny little island a coupla hundred miles off the nearest Malaysian shore, littered or no, not to mention its’ bloody monsoon season right now, with the winds blowing across the seas in from the Mainlands (Yeah yeah I know you hate Geography now shaddup). Nothing much really, just lots of fresh air, lots of relaxing in air-conned chalets (watching horrendously low-quality hotel TV channels, you know, B-grade movies and such), lots of good food (Scrumptious scrumptious buffet! Yum yum… haven’t had a decent meal since God-knows-when), lots of sea-gazing, with a considerable amount of “leng loi” gazing thrown in for good measure (There was this two Caucasian women, possibly English, nice figures, live opposite us, very possibly lesbians… i>grin ). The seas were rough, so snorkeling was out, ditto for all out-door activities as it was actually bloody raining numerous times every day. Hell, one could hardly get a decent tan with the sun all dotted out by huge dark greyish cumuli.

Started work yesterday, still, nothing much. Just sitting around in bloody boring school koperasis glaring at bored parents with bored children tagging by their side while robbing them of their duit raya for informational brainwashing textbooks and such. Ah well. 's 20 bucks well earned anyway. Definitely better than spending the morning sleeping till 2pm and shuffling around in the house with ruffled hair looking like someone woke up from the coffin.

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