22 Dec '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Dec 22 '02

Ah rite. Not to mention that I met my two cute ex-colleagues, Cutecutegirl and Pei Ru in City Square as us guys (10 of us) were going to do with some quickie lunch before the movie. Then saw Guo Ting, another ex, who came all the way from Taman Sentosa to meet up with me. Then in the hawker centre spotted a bunch of girls, who under closer inspection, are ex-primary school classmates. Damned… Too bad I can’t have time for a bit of socializing, which I’m already outdated already. A lot of people don’t even know I’m in JB already. Well, not that I want everybody to know anyway. Was expecting to make James-Bomnd-ish sneaky intro, then sneaky outro, rendezvous later somewhere else. Sneaky men always do that. =)

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