22 Dec '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Dec 22 '02

'Tis a blissful night, for I have finally got to witness something classical, something which in all its grandeur is definitely worth listing down as a masterpiece, something which I’ll be telling my offspring (pardon my rather crude usage. Just might be me being too breeding-crazed i>grin ) decades later… the second installment of Lord of The Rings was… damned, definitely the best movie I’ve seen. I had particularly high-hopes bout how the Ents would turn out in the movie, as it wasn’t really very clearly described in the book. Or is lack of concentration through the fact that I’ve been skimming through it too fast (Finished the bloody tome in 3 days, got a headache for another two)? Heck I even mistook the Oliphaunt which debuts briefly in the trailer for what, a second, in all its long-nosy multi-horned glory, as a bloody Ent. Can’t blame me for it… hell, it’d look like a goddamned flying octopus in the trailer for God’s sake… But I digress. The Balrog, the skirmish battles, the beautifully (or more appropriately, “ugly”, I can’t decide) illustrated Gollum… damn, the visuals are jaw-dropping… the scenery sooo captivating… The acting sooo perfect… Damned. Thinking of it makes me want to watch it a second time already.

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