09 Dec '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Dec 09 '02

Sunday : New home! Moved into Menara Bangsar, 19th-floor 4 room apartment in well, Bangsar. Took one whole bloody day to unpack, unload and arrange stuff. Geez, when was the last time I’ve did any exercise? i>pant pant Moving ton-heavy cardboard boxes loaded with stuff and probably 10 times one own’s weight is the job for lil’ ants and critters, not humans… i>pant

Monday, Tuesday: Exams, exams, exams… bloody boring exams. Lots of studying and circulation of cranal fluids. Formulae and boring facts. Inch-thick textbooks. More books. And some more books. What can I say more?

Wednesday : It’s all over now… (I wish I could say it like with the macho gusto of those male leads in action movies after the coup de grace in the final showdown with the super-villian… Well they do that don’t they? Its formulaeic, as if written down in the damned Movie-Making for Dummies for every sinle Hollywood director to see) It’s pretty amazing, considering that I’ve been slacking through it all the time, hitting the books only at the last minute, doing things my way, the easy way... and still making it. Some times I think i was born lucky or something. grin Anyway whaddaheck, let’s move on…

Thursday, Friday, Saturday : Mindless gaming, sleeping, reading up on e-books trying to learn PHP, no high-speed internet (not even lo-speed… sigh), no icq, no kazaa downloads, no surfing, no ftp-ing, no email, no nothing. Null. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Trying to quit internet addiction ala cold turkey ain’t simple, heck, I’ve even caught myself once loading up ICQ just to listen to the good ol’ “foghorn” startup sound to prep my nerves a bit… Heh.

Sunday : Back in the bus station in my hometown, something huge, yellowish, with an huge yellow smiley face with an imbecile-looking grin caught my eye. “Causeway Express“ bus… a new company I presume. And I thought the Triton buses in KL was ridiculous. i>grin

Monday (2am) : Good ol’ 33.6k. Ah well, better than having no access. =D (checks mail) Whoa!! 73 emails waiting for me?! Gonna get a headache downloading them…. Ah well… (taps foot impatiently and stares blankly at Outlook Express progress bar) Buggered.

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