01 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Feb 01 '02

Didja know that Elijah Wood, that baby-faced handsome male model that played Legolas in Lord of The Rings, actually starred in Black Hawk Down? No kidding! You wouldn’t notice his existance in the movie even if i told you this, with every single American private having the same looking shaven head, grimy rough face and not to mention almost the same damned face! Have you guessed it? You know there’s this Todd Blackburn in the movie, the very unfortunate greenhorn private, which, you can put it in this very cruel and cynicist kinda way, probably played a role in which became one of the many factors which, started the goddamn war in Somalia! (According to the very self-righteous America-Rulez kind of view movie, that is)

Anyway am in good mood today. Perhaps it’s the bright sunny weather out there and the nice clear opaz skies… Or maybe as Zen practitioners would say, I’m having a nice purple aura radiating around my head like a halo. In fact bought two packets of chips and passed it around the bookshop today for my collegues to chow down on. Yes, am feelin like a winner today!!!

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