18 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Feb 18 '02

Back from the holidays, still am suffering from post-holiday blues, where every thing just feels so boring, work sounds like over-exploitation and relaxation just ain¡¯t enough.

Meanwhile finished Nick Hornby¡¯s ¡°Fever Pitch¡±, a non-fiction book about life and football. Quite okay, in fact, quite highly recommended, especially for football fans out there. In the meantime am starting on Tom Clancy¡¯s ¡°Net Force.¡± Am hey¡­ whaddaya know, another nice page-turner! Hope to heavy-read and finish book in 3 to 4 days. Heh heh¡­ seems to me I¡¯m starting to gain interest on discounted best-seller paperbacks by big-time writers recently. How¡¯s that for extra cheap entertainment!

Rainy season¡¯s out and El Nino¡¯s paying a visit! Hope they don¡¯t cut the water supply too soon. Smelly bodies wallowing in pools of sweat in hot damp weathers just sounds like a major turn-off to me.

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