24 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Feb 24 '02

3 more days to The Great Day when I¡¦ll finally get my grubby paws on my government exam results! And only untill then can I let go of this imaginary rock sort of sunk somewhere between my chest and stomach, causing immense pressure and sense of impeding doom. Though so far I haven¡¦t been suffering from weird and horrifying nightmares about what I¡¦m probably going to get¡K but jeez, Ain¡¦t I feeling nervous!

Meanwhile I think I¡¦ve got around 1 to 2 more weeks before I¡¦ll get my driving licence! Though I probably still don¡¦t have a chance in driving a Proton Perdanan or anything really cool like that when I go to university, but I still can¡¦t get my minds out of what one of my friends did. He bough a ¡¦69 1000cc Mini Maini and he estimated that even after tuning the whole antique and rendering it, well, drivable, and throwing in accessories like sports rim, CD player, a decent stereo system and the likes of that, it probably wouldn¡¦t have costed more than $3000! Now that¡¦s pretty cheap! If only I could get my parent sto buy me a car¡K

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