03 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Feb 03 '02

Am bored, bored, bored. Got nothing better to do than just hanging around staring into space with a blank mind. Listening to music on Hitz.Fm’s fine, but tends to get boring when you’ve already heard all the songs before for, what, a gazillion times? Also have finished Stephen King’s 1400+ page “Stand“ already.

Days like these really make you worried for the future. The rest of the 6-something billion of the human population are busy doing something while here you are, idling away as the sand in the hourglass trickles away into the dark unseen past. Like, you exist on earth for no certain purpose at all. Jeez… what a scary thought.

Did some minor changes to the website. Progress is painfully slow, as my creative juices seem to be sort of clogged recently. Anyway hope to get the whole website project done by end of this month.

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