04 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Feb 04 '02

Damned sprained my neck as I was toweling myself after a bath in the morning. Needless to say the past 14 hours have been like living hell. Others might just be plain curious why was I massaging my neck all the time today as my head sort of leans forward unnaturally like a giraffe with neck cramps. Damned neck sprain ruined my whole day, though I was still in an ok-I¡¯m-still-cheerful mood.

Don¡¯t we have enough problems already with Muslim religious stuff? First it¡¯s that jihad where innocent lives are sacrificed over a simple idea that different religions worship different Gods, and with each side thinking their deity is the only One God. Next we have Jews and Muslims over there in Israel and Palestin crying childishly ¡°He started it first!¡± while firing AK47s at each others just because of (indirectly) some petty squabble of who should actually be the true owner of Jerusalem. Then next, the Singapore government is suspending female students wearing headscarves to school! Great¡­ before you know it there¡¯ll be some angry cries among the Muslims in Singapore and Malaysia. Jeez¡­ when will there ever be peace???

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