07 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Feb 07 '02

Haven¡¯t been updating my blog for 3 days because didn¡¯t feel like doing it. Bored. Bored. Bored. Argh.

Chinese New Year is coming!! Yep, ain¡¯t I looking forward to the moment when I get to lay my grubby paws on the glorious ang pows from my relatives and then count the crisp cold hard cash inside¡­ Ahh, feels so great just thinking about it. And yep, it gets even better when taken into consideration how many relatives I have! Oh yeessss¡­..

Have you heard that George Bush and Tony Blair might have a chance to be in the running for a Nobel Peace prize? Well, they sure did a lot during the September 11 tragedy¡­ but not much, and nothing really impressive (other than creating interesting news that seized the world¡¯s attention which involved a TV, a couch, a coffee table and nevertheless an interesting little pretzel). I remember reading this line somewhere in the papers, quote, They¡¯re not heroes, they¡¯re just men doing the right thing on the right time, unquote. But anyway let¡¯s at least still give ¡®em some credit for standing up straight boldly in the front line during the times of chaos shall we?

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